About Me – FAQ

Where can I contact you?
You can e-mail me at kinkykiwiclaudia@gmail.com.
Find me on Twitter by clicking here.

Where can I buy your videos?
I like to make my videos available on a number of platforms, because I appreciate signing up for an account on a brand new site can be annoying. A full list of where to find me is available on my Erotic Videos page.

What kind of videos do you make?
I’ve been making videos since 2012, so I have videos spanning quite literally dozens of categories. These days I focus especially on femdom, body worship, muscle worship, as well as solo-play videos, in particular anal play.

Would you make me a video?
I’d be happy to – I love making customs, and many of my fans have returned to order dozens of videos over the years, so you can be confident the videos I create will bring you fantasy to life and leave you craving more. Email me for details.

What don’t you do in videos?
This is a very broad question, and I’ve found when someone asks this they almost always have one specific thing that they want me to do, but don’t want to say it outright. It would be quicker for both of us if you just asked directly. I don’t make videos which violate the content policies of the websites which I sell my content through and I don’t make videos in public. At the moment, I mostly make solo videos. This might change in future, but I don’t take custom orders for G/G or B/G videos because I don’t have other models who I film with regularly.

Where do you live?
I’m based in New Zealand – so if you’re looking to organize a video call or phone sex session you may want to take the timezone into account.

What size are your feet/breasts/etc?
My feet are a size 9 (Euro 41), I wear a 30FF bra, I am 5’8″ tall and I usually wear a size 8-10.

Can I send you a gift?
Sure! Being in NZ makes sending an actual gift a bit tricky, but I love giftcards. An Amazon giftcard will always be put to good use.

Can I buy your panties/socks?
Only if you’re also in New Zealand – international shipping is too difficult with these items unfortunately!

Can I be your live-in slave?
Definitely not.

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